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Jordan Trips


Chauffeur with your car is a good choice if you do not wish to drive in foreign countries. Whether you are visiting for business or want to enjoy touristic sites, you will find our services valuable.

Amman City Tour

Round-trip about:

Amman is crowned by the ancient Citadel, a hill with the ruins of the temple of Hercules, and at the

Jerash / Ajloun / Um Qeis

Round-trip about: 290km

Jerash is one of the largest and most well - preserved sites of roman architecture in the world Ajloun Castle was built by one of salah Eddins generals 1184 AD. The round trip is 240 km.

Dead Sea

Round-trip about: 110km

Dead sea is the lowest point on earth that contains an extremely high content of salt and other minerals processed high quality sea products used as cosmetics and for healing . The round trip is 110 km.

Madaba Baptism Site Dead Sea

Round-trip about: 140km

Mount Nebo is the place where Moses Saw the Promised land Baptism site is a historical site where Jesus Christ was baptized.
The round trip is 140 km. Promised Land. Baptism Site is a historical site . where Jesus Christ was baptized.

The Desert Castle Loop

Round-trip about: 250km

Stretching east of Amman , the parched desert plain rolls on to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Also ,on the way its worth stopping by Qasr El- Hallabt, Qasr Mushata. The round trip is 250 km


Round-trip about: 250km

Chief among Jordans archaeological treasure is the soul stirring. One of the new wonders of the ancient world red rose city of Petra. The round trip is 500 km

Kings Highway Petra Overnight Wadi Rum

Round-trip about: 600km

Wadi Rum in an unforgettable experience like a moonscape of ancient valleys. The round trip is 600 km.


Round-trip about: 700km

Aqaba is sunny and inviting , fringed with palm trees , lapped by crystal water of the Gulf of Aqaba. The round trip is 700 km.

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